Ways of Acquiring Sexual Wellness

There are many conditions which can affect the sexual wellness of an individual, and these conditions can be well managed if the individual decides to get help from a recognised institution. One of the conditions that may affect an individual especially the male species is the erectile dysfunction which is a common medical condition that mainly affects the senior men. It can be described as the persistent inability of a man to achieve an erection even if he has been sexually aroused. This condition can as well affect all the male species, but for the younger men, they will only experience some occasional lapse of the sexual function. Sometimes the erectile dysfunction can be described as the male reproductive organ being a partially erect but at ether same time it is not hard enough to perform the sexual intercourse. This condition can affect the male species in that they become unable to perform as well as avoiding sex or even sometimes withdrawing from the intimate relationships.

 Something to note is that the condition is treatable and an individual can find the different treatment procedures at the Elna Sexual Wellness centre. Some of the treatments from Elna Sexual Wellness include the use of drugs which inhibit the PDE. They come in the form of pills that open up the bloodstream in the male reproductive organ to allow proper blood flow for a better erection. The pill should be taken moments before the sexual intercourse. Apart from the drugs, an individual can as well seek the help of a counsellor who will be able to prepare the patient mentally and emotionally. Also, an individual can consider the shockwave therapy which opens the constricted blood vessels in the male reproductive organ.

The Elna Sexual Wellness also help the female species through the O-shot treatment or the Orgasm shot which is a simple procedure that uses the platelets of the woman to help in the treatment of the urinary incontinence as well as sexual wellness. The O-shot has some advantages to the woman in that they increase the sexual desires as well as improving the urinary incontinence and increasing the vaginal sensitivity and pleasure. Also, the woman will also benefit from the o-shot treatment since it will decrease the pain caused during the intercourse by increasing the natural lubrication. The procedures are capable of increasing the ability to have a vaginal orgasm as well as tightening the internal and external vaginal tissues.
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